DotConnectAfrica (DCA)

The DotConnectAfrica (DCA) group is a Pan-African organization that was formed with an objective to advance education in the digital economy in the African society and, in connection with that objective, to benefit the general African public access to Internet resources including the branding of Africa on the internet.

DCA has adopted a very unique integrative model of Internet-centered digital products and services encompassing DNS businesses; new media and multimedia services as well as mobile applications along with an integrated digital social media platforms and an education platform of Internet of Things (IoTs) under our DCA Digital Academy to women and youth.

In addition, through its Digital Academy, DCA sponsors a seed-fund program to women-led organizations throughout Africa, providing financial awards through a yearly competitive process, to encourage women and girls involvement in STEM fields and leadership.

DotConnectAfrica Group encourages all stakeholders to participate in our work, in particular the African Diaspora.

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