How Technology can help break the gender bias, Young Leaders Perspective


One of the many goals of gender equality lies in using technology to empower women. It could either be by encouraging women to choose STEM subjects and improve their representation in this sector or use tech solutions to solve wicked problems. A more diverse team is most likely

November 19 2020

Women Bankers for Women Entrepreneurs: A Post 2020 strategy for success.


A moderated discussion with a focus on Women Bankers for Women Entrepreneurs: A post 2020 strategy for success with attention to different ways to boost financial inclusion in Africa, conducting more gender-segmented research, adapting collateral registries and adoption of mobile money services in Africa.

August 14 2020

Governance and Human Rights in the Era of COVID-19


A moderated discussion with a focus on attention to human rights such as non-discrimination and human rights principles such as transparency, right to information, privacy, and respect for human dignity amidst the turmoil and disruption of COVID-19.

June 16 2020

The Impact of COVID-19 on SME Financing in Africa


A moderated discussion with a focus on identifying key building blocks, opportunities, and challenges such as access to finance, technology, business formation, business environment & infrastructure.

April 7 2020

How technology can be used to continue work and solve such crisis like COVID 19


A free style WebForum during the International UN/ITU Girls ICT Day Celebration, where DCA Academy in collaboration with Miss.Africa Digital spearheaded a timely dialog on the impacts of COVID19 in the Tech Industry & Work From Home (WFH) Strategies via a muti-country Crisis Management Conversation with our girl squad community across Africa.

April 23 2020

COVID-19 eHealth Innovation Essay Writing Competition Award

To help navigate the challenges of studying remotely and be beneficial to the whole global conversation on health and wellness, DCA Digital Academy sponsored an essay writing competition financial award for university students to participate and use this special #StayAtHome moments and apply their creative minds to contribute to a solution. At the same time, it is intended to improve student proposal writing skills in making successful papers.