October 2022: International Cyber Security Awareness Month

Cyber security is the practice of defending computers, servers, mobile devices, electronic systems, networks, and data from malicious attacks. It’s also known as information technology security or electronic information security. The global cyber threat continues to evolve at a rapid pace, with a rising number of data breaches each year. A report on cyber threats is shocking as more than 7 billion records have been exposed by data breaches. We also need to be aware of web3 which is growing rapidly.

Tech builders and businesses must take a proactive approach to security when evaluating Web3’s potential. Blockchains and cryptocurrencies have been the subjects of growing security concerns, from traditional issues of social engineering, insider exploits and faulty implementations to an emerging class of Web3-native exploits across decentralized applications, exchanges and wallets.

The topics to be discussed will be

1. Data sovereignty in the cloud
2. The concept of ethical hacking
3. Metaverse VS. Web 3.0
4. Data protection and Cybersecurity policy
5. Challanges of Cyber secutity in the digital sphere


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Sophia Bekele

Sophia Bekele (Founder / Group CEO DotConnectAfrica, Cyber Security, Risk Gov Expert - USA/ Africa)
"As we continue to go completely digital in so many aspects of our lives, almost all of our data is being hosted on the cloud. So we can’t ignore the significance of cloud cybersecurity moving forward."
H.E. Sen. Samuel L. Poghisio, EGH, MP , Former Minister of ICT, Kenya, DCA Webforum 2022 CyberSecurity

Opening Address

Samuel L. Poghisio

H.E. Sen. Samuel L. Poghisio, EGH, Mp(Kenyan politician Majority Leader Chairman of Kenya Aviation Authority | Former Minister of ICT Ministry, Champion of Cyber Security, Kenya)
"Thank you all for bringing this contextualized approach to a very sensitive and very real threat to the world today as there will be a common place to discuss and so our legal systems, universities, and training institutions need to deal with it as a matter of urgency."
Ramaswamy KrishnamaniDCA Webforum 2022 CyberSecurity


Ramaswamy Krishnamani

Ramaswamy Krishnamani - Ass. Director at Protiviti, a Global Consulting Firm on Risk/Compliance Washington DC, USA
"Different time zones, absolutely brilliant panel when I was reading through the list of speakers I was presently stunned that with a very short time Sophia could actually bring this diverse group together"
Ramaswamy KrishnamaniDCA Webforum 2022 CyberSecurity (2)

Co Chair

Elizabeth Kolade

Elizabeth Kolade (Director of Membership, Cyber Security Experts Association of NIGERIA (CSEAN), Top 50 Cybersecurity women Africa)
"There is a lot of skepticism around security over emerging tech, but we also have to explore the opportunities."


Salah Dean

Salah Dean (Cyber security and forensic club president MALAYSIA)
"There is a surplus of skills in emerging economies, and in times of economic uncertainty, we will see heightened cyber attacks, if the skill are not absorbed."
Sherifat Akinwonmi


Sherifat Akinwonmi

Sherifat Akinwonmi (Business Information Security Officer, Canadian Top 20 Cybersecurity Women)
"We need a zero trust approach to all the content shared online by verifying from credible sources."
Kayne McGladrey Field CISO HyperProof Cyber Security Influencer


Kayne McGladrey

Kayne McGladrey (Field CISO, HyperProof, Cyber Security Influencer -Washington dc, USA)
"On data sovereignty and data protection, we can't just focus on technical controls, we need to have policy controls, including data being stored regionally, ensuring privacy as the most stringent matter"
Joylynn Kirui


Joylynn Kirui

Joylynn Kirui (Sr. Cloud Security Advocate at microsoft, Top 50 Cybersecurity women in Africa)
"Once the system is in production, invite ethical hackers to check the vulnerability of the systems"


Eng. David Lumala

ENG. David Lamula ( Ethical hacking Solutions Architect Web3.0, Crypto, NFTs and metaverse UGANDA)
"Ruthless security validations have to be done prior to deployment."